An introduction to my work (English)

This article is an introduction to my work as an interior designer in France. I would like to broaden my audience and include people who don’t speak and read French, allowing them to get a basic idea of my expertise and my design propositions. You can contact me via the website and I will be happy to help and communicate about my profession and my services if needed.

I am based in Grenoble, France, which is a city located at the foot of the Alps. I had the opportunity to work on design and renovation projects across France, from standard homes to more typical, regional habitations. I work by conceiving renovation and interior design plans for clients, with the purpose of creating comfortable and pleasant environments to live and work in, by taking into account the identity of the place and the people.

I generally work alone on a project, taking responsibility for the planification and the realization, which proves to be convenient as it reduces agency costs and allows the client to only have one point of interaction for advice and feedback. I also have built during many years a solid network of craftsmen, artisans and professionals who will guarantee a stellar quality for your project. Finally, I am dedicated to sustainability and I offer renovation services that will make homes and offices efficient energy-wise, reducing the carbon impact of human settlements.

I have an extensive portfolio you can consult in the “Réalisations” tab. I have renovated ancient traditional houses in the Grenoble area, I supervised the structural update of a ski duplex in the Alps for a London-based client and I have transformed an old loft in Grenoble into an actual, modern apartment without erasing its specificities.

While I do not have the ambition to fully translate my articles into English, I would be happy to help and guide you if a particular article or topic sparks your interest. I speak English and I have previously worked with many international clients.

I also have a blog, in which I feature a series of articles written by myself. They usually revolve around current trends in architecture or interior design and I give a professional’s take on these issues.

Moreover, I share architectural concepts and approaches I have stumbled upon during my travels around the world, as they are an essential element of my creativity and my relevance in the field of design. You will also find articles about design concepts and ideas and how to implement them. I have the ambition to bring interior design to people who are not generally well-versed in this domain and provide them with tools and conceptual models to better analyze and understand my work.



Tél. 06 11 83 48 21
Catherine Monnet, architecte d’intérieur et maître d’œuvre. Je vous accompagne dans toutes les étapes de votre projet : déterminer la faisabilité du projet, penser les volumes, imaginer des ouvertures, réaliser les plans en 2D, vous présenter les photos virtuelles, effectuer les démarches administratives, assurer le suivi du chantier…

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